The Indian car market sales data for June 2020 has been out and car manufacturers moving their feet into the market again slowly. As the global trend due to COVID-19 pandemic car manufacturers are facing huge losses as their manufacturing and the import-export of cars are suddenly halted, but as per June’s data which revealed that manufacturers are finding their stability again in the markets as COVID-19 pandemic cases are reducing and markets are starting to open up.

Although the numbers are not satisfying as compared to last year’s sales, the positives are that compared to last month’s sales there is a little increase in sales as the market starting to open up, nearly every retail showroom of cars are opened again.

Maruti and Hyundai the two largest players are helping in this surge. As the numbers of their sales are half as compared to June 2019, but seeing the growth in their sale numbers as compared to the last month. Maruti has gained a 274 percent rate of growth while Hyundai has gained 205 percent growth rate. Leading in this department Kia Seltos’s popularity has been the same from the launch till now, the Korean brand registered the growth of their sale numbers by 321 percent.

Ford and Honda the two other brands have also seen a strong surge in sales last month, this is likely due to the higher production in their last two months. While many other car companies have minimum growth of around 14 to 20 percent in their sales for example companies like tata, Skoda, Renault, Ford gained the growth rate of 70 and Honda gained around 90 percent in their sale numbers. This could be due to new BSVI launches by these three brands in the price range of around 10lakhs.

In fact, Tata Motors with 11,419 units sold have broken into the third spot behind Maruti Suzuki and Hyundai at 51,274 and 21,000 respectively