BMW recently announced the I7 Series electric sedan with 1000 plus Newton meters of peak torque. BMW I7 Xdrive60 will enter showrooms later next year globally and comes equipped with an electric system capable of generating 600 HP of maximum power and 1000 of peak torque.

2023 BMW I7 series electric announced

The 7th generation BMW 7 Series sedan has been unveiled with a host of changes inside and outside and gained the first-ever electric model within the portfolio known as I7 X drive 60. It also features the 31-inch rare entertainment touchscreen and loads of improvement in technologies but we have a look at the electric version of the 7 Series sedan.

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2023 BMW I7 series electric announced

The new G70 7 series will be expanded inclusion of two M Spec EV and PHEV choices by next year. In the United States customers will have choices of V8 engine all-wheel-drive 760 IX drive 6-cylinder unit Rear-wheel drive 740I and the first-ever I7 Xdrive60 electric version. By 2023 German luxury carmakers will add only two M-spec cars in the 7 series which are a 760e xDrive and the I7 M70 XDrive.

The former 760 X drive gets a plug-in the hybrid electric version PHEV system as it utilizes 3 liters 6-cylinder engine producing 380 HP of maximum power and 520 Nm peak torque. It works with a 200 HP electric motor to generate combined power output of 571 HP and 800 Nm of peak torque. It has a claim to Sprint 0 to 100 kilometers per hour in 4.3 seconds before topping the 250 kilometers per hour speed in hybrid mode and it is said to travel up to 140 kilometers per hour in electric mode and can cover up to 84 kilometre per charge.

2023 BMW I7 series electric announced

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It will be introduced in the international market around the same time 7 Series plug-in hybrid EV without the M badge. Dubbed the 750e xDrive it uses the same engine and electric motor but the former makes lesser power and torque. The combined output stands at 490 HP of power and 700 Nm peak torque in temporary base boosted mode.

And it has a slightly longer EV-only range of 89 kilometers. However, this version is slower to 100 kilometers per hour by 0.6 seconds. The I7 xdrive60 will enter the showroom later next year and it’s equipped with an electric system capable of generating 600 HP of maximum power and over 1000 plus Nm peak torque. It is the fastest car ever made by the brand and it can go 0 to 100 kilometers in just 4 seconds.