Premium Hatchback cars are the ones which mark a slim line between hatchbacks and SUVs, however, some SUVs are even cheaper than these premium hatchbacks, but focusing on the hatches, most of the big names in the Indian automobile market like Maruti, Hyundai, Honda and other do have at least 1 car in this segment. However, Maruti Suzuki has no one close when it comes to competition in hatchbacks be it compact or premium. As for this case, Maruti Suzuki Baleno became the best-selling Premium hatchback of July 2021 with sales of 14,729 units compared to the sales of 14,701 in June 2021 translating to an MoM growth of 0.2%.

S.NoPremium HatchbackJuly 2021 salesJune 2021 salesMoM growth
1.Maruti Suzuki Baleno14,72914,7010.2%
2.Tata Altroz6,9006,35010.2%
3.Hyundai i206,5186,3333%
4.Toyota Glanza2,6362,5862%
5.VW Polo1,6161,30324%
list of Best-selling Premium Hatchback July 2021

Tata Altroz secured the second spot with the sales reaching 6,900 units last month as compared to the sales of 6,350 units in June 2021 translating to an MoM growth of 10.2%. Hyundai i20 has been amongst some of the best-looking hatchbacks along with providing pretty good performance and being an overall package which makes the car stand at the 3rd spot with the sales of 6,518 units last month against the sale of 6,333 units in June 2021 translating to an MoM growth of 3%.

Toyota Glanza or the Toyota rebadged Maruti Baleno stands at the 4th spot with the sales of 2,636 units last month as against the sale of 2,586 units in June 2021 generating growth of only 2% and lastly the Volkswagen Polo which although being on the last position recorded the best MoM growth as compared to others of 24% which is due to the boost in sales from 1,303 units in June 2021 to 1,616 units in July 2021.

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