SUV a segment of cars that cannot be described by just one word, SUV describes a car that can perform as an allrounder be it for luxury, sheer power, comfort, space, and whatnot. Nowadays SUVs are divided into 4 categories – Sub-compact SUVs, Compact SUVs, Mid-size SUVs, and Large SUVs. We are now going to compare the Raw beasts of this segment and with the recent addition to this segment of the MG Gloster the competition has now again fired up. The cars being compared in this article are – the new MG Gloster, the BS6 complainant variant of the Mahindra Alturas G4, the 2020 variant of the Ford Endeavour, and the King of this segment the Toyota Fortuner.(MG Gloster vs Ford Endeavour vs Toyota Fortuner vs Mahindra Alturas G4)

MG Gloster  Mahindra Alturas G4Ford Endeavour SportToyota Fortuner  
Price Range (ex-showroom, Delhi)Rs 28.98 lakh – Rs 35.38 lakhRs 28.73 lakh – Rs 31.73 lakhRs 29.99 lakh – Rs 35.10 lakhRs 28.66 lakh – Rs 34.43 lakh

Dimensions and Design

MG GlosterMahindra Alturas G4Toyota FortunerFord Endeavour
Tyre sizeR19R18R17R18
Fuel Tank(litre)75708080

All the SUVs are best known for their sizes and these four are like giants in front of other SUV categories, and for the SUV audience the bigger the better, so starting with the SUV having the largest length amongst the competition the MG Gloster. This car is the longest of them all stretching up to about 5m and having the largest wheel size of 19-inches doesn’t seem that bulky maybe because of the design. The car gives a premium feel with chrome lining along with the grille and windows, but being the sibling of the MG hector, both the cars do not look alike in any way.

The second longest in the size comparison comes the new 2020 variant of the Ford Endeavour with just getting short of about 8 cm than the Gloster. The 2020 variant of the Ford Endeavor can be rephased as a dulled-out variant of the previous Endeavor with all the shiny stuff taken out and replaced by a dark line which may seem attractive to some but for the majority, it’s a miss.

Now comes the third in line Mahindra Alturas G4, with great looks, subtle finishing, and being the widest of them all the Mahindra Alturas doesn’t seem to impress the audience with having the least chance to encounter this car on the road despite scoring good in all reviews.

Lastly, we have the tiniest of the competition the fan-favorite Toyota Fortuner, even though having the smallest size (marginal) of them all the increased ride height doesn’t make you feel any bit tiny and with the sleek headlamps and chrome window finishing the looks will give a premium feel.


Interior is the section where the buyer usually spends most of his time interacting with his car so for the majority of the people this section values the most for them. Going in the same sequence as above first comes the MG Gloster with is BMW inspired interior or harshly speaking a cheaper copy of the BMW’s interior. With tan leathery skin and premium-looking stitching, the looks may look quite appealing adding to it with an 8.0-inch horizontal touchscreen but looking closely some sections doesn’t quit fairly sit in with the word premium, things like lack of finishing in stitching, lower quality buttons, and a not so comfortable front seat which might be a deal-breaker for those long-distance traveling audience.

Next comes the Alturas with the same tan leathery skin and premium looking stitching but here the things change, unlike the Gloster here the things not only look premium but also feels premium giving it a closer look, be it the stitching or the knobs, Mahinda doesn’t let you down an inch in the interior section. To add up here the seat is quite comfortable and won’t give you any complaints with adequate lower back support and everything.

Coming to the third competitor The Ford Endeavor, as you may be expecting with the blacked-out outer looks that the interior would also be black, but that’s not the case here. The new BS6 variant of the Endeavor comes in a mix of cream and black dual-tone. The build quality here is top-notch with everything under driver’s reach but the Endeavor lacks all the glitter that the other two provides to be exact the interior is too simple to the liking.

The Toyota Fortuner’s interior is a bit meh with an interior combo of chocolate brown and black, the interior doesn’t quite look pleasing to the eye and the dials and button doesn’t give a premium feel like the others. Although, there are many mods available for the Fortuner but they also don’t make the interior go wow. The seats of the new Fortuner may look a bit dull and simple but feels quite comfortable to our liking.

What’s in for the mid and the last row?

The mid-row of the Gloster is the to go with many comfortable seats than the front ones the Gloster won’t disappoint you if you are a backseater with two dedicated comfortable seats there is plenty of leg space and the reclinable seats give you plenty of room for adjustments and even maintains room for the third-row seaters.

Now coming to the car with the best front interior amongst the competition, the Mahindra Alturas g4, here this car won’t let you down with comfortable seats and enough legroom for all. The Alturas comes with a dedicated third seat in between unlike the others but space and comfort won’t be any less than the rest. The only flaw for the tall people would be the lower seating style which might put your knees up in your belly.

The new Endeavor might feel comfortable to you but that where every good thing ends, with lesser leg and shoulder space and an ‘ok’ looking and feeling seat the Endeavor doesn’t quite make it to the top.

For the Toyota Fortuner we might rank it above the Endeavor but lower than the others, with more spacing than the Endeavor and surprisingly the most comfortable seats, the car lacks in the height, considering if you are above average in height your head will likely be brushing against the roof of the car.

Let’s not complicate things and to make the comparison easy for the audience here is a chart representing the comfort levels of the third-row seaters.

Rating based on the comfort elements in the last row

Feature comparison

MG Gloster SavvyMahindra Alturas G4Ford Endeavour SportToyota Fortuner 2.8
Price (ex-showroom, Delhi)Rs 35.38 lakhRs 31.73 lakhRs 35.10 lakhRs 34.43 lakh
Hill descent controlYesYesYesYes
Easy access driver seaYesYesNANA
Driver seat massage functionYesNANANA
Climate control3-zone2-zone2-zone2-zone
Electric parking brakeYesYesNANA
Paddle shiftersYesNANAYes
Drive/off-road modesYes/YesNA/NANA/YesYes/NA
Connected techYesNAYesNA
Seat ventilation/heatingDriver/front seatsFront seats/NANA/NANA/NA
Auto parkYesNAYesNA
Android Auto/ Apple CarPlayYes/YesYes/YesYes/YesNA
Handsfree tailgateYesNAYesNA
Wireless chargingYesNANANA
Power fold third rowNANAYesNA

Buying a super SUV isn’t a cheap deal and you would want your Rs 30 lakh+ car to give you features that would make you feel like a king in his luxury carriage, so placing these cars according to their feature list’s length we have the at first the newcomer MG Gloster, at the second we have the Ford Endeavor, the Mahindra Alturas g4 at the third and the fan-favorite the Toyota Fortuner at last. Before explaining to you these features in detail let’s divide this comparison into 3 subparts

  • The infotainment system
  • All the other shiny stuff
  • Safety features

The infotainment system

In the comparison of the most used feature at first place enters the Gloster with its huge 12.3-inch touchscreen with a bit firm touch registry, a size smaller to it of 8.0-inches comes both the Endeavor and the Alturas with a sleek looking touchscreen and with the smallest touchscreen of 7.0-inches comes the Toyota Fortuner whose looks doesn’t go very well the rest of the car.

All the other shiny stuff

MG Gloster here has some features that you won’t find in any other car in this segment and is exclusive to luxury cars like a front seat heating system, driver seat back massage function, three-zone climate control, and an air purifier. To come close to the Gloster, the Endeavor packs semi-automatic parking, a panoramic sunroof, and a hands-free tailgate. The other two don’t have much to offer other than the things already present in the Gloster and Endeavor, so there isn’t much to compare here.

Safety features

looking at the safety features the Alturas has the greatest number of airbags i.e. 9 followed by Fortuner and Endeavor of 7 airbags and the with the least number of airbags comes the Gloster with 6 airbags which might look less for such a huge and seating capacity car. All the cars get every usual safety kit features like ABS, ABD, ESC, etc. but the unique feature in Gloster is the use of a 360-degree camera that the company has tried to copy from BMW but didn’t quite make it to achieve that quality.

Engine specification comparison

MG Gloster SavvyToyota Fortuner 2.8Mahindra Alturas G4Ford Endeavour Sport
Engine4-cyls, 1996cc, twin-turbo diesel4-cyls, 2755cc, turbo-diesel4-cyls, 2157cc, turbo-diesel4-cyls, 1996cc, turbo-diesel
Power218hp at 4000rpm177hp at 3400rpm181hp 3800rpm170hp at 3500rpm
Torque480Nm at 1500-2400rpm450Nm at 1600-2400rpm420Nm at 1600-2600rpm420Nm at 2000-2500rpm
Gearbox8-speed auto6-speed auto7-speed auto10-speed auto

Now comes the heart of the beast to compare. Here all the cars pack a 4-cylinder diesel engine but giving an edge to the MG Gloster is the 2.0-liter twin-turbo diesel engine that provides the max output of 218hp of power and 480Nm of torque amongst the other competitors and the engine coupled with an 8-speed automatic transmission system give it a top-notch performance.

Next in line is the Fortuner with its old 2.8-liter diesel engine that is capable of producing power of 177hp and max torque of 450Nm completed with a 6-speed automatic transmission system. The Fortuner hasn’t gotten its BS6 variant up until now so it is easily the noisiest of them all, the 2021 BS6 variants leeks have been out for quite some time and the car will be getting a revamp real soon.

The Alturas sits somewhere in between the top and the bottom here with a 2.2-liter diesel engine that is capable of producing power up to 181hp and a max torque of 420Nm coupled with a 7-speed automatic transmission system. And lastly, we have the Endeavor with a 2.0-liter diesel engine that can produce up to 170hp of power with 420Nm of torque coupled with a 10-speed automatic transmission system.

Our verdict

The verdict is a mismatch where all cars have their strong points and their weak points, no car here gets a perfect score but performing good in almost every segment is the new introduction to this segment The MG Gloster, can also be termed as the largest, most comfy and the best-equipped car of the segment, although there could have been some improvements like the attention to details and a little smoother driving experience but overall you won’t be disappointed in putting your money on this car. So concluding the verdict the MG Gloster takes the win by a little margin and is likely to stir up the current meta SUV competition on sale grounds.