Bajaj two-wheeler and three-wheeler September 2021 sales analysis, and had a decline in sales by 9% on a YoY basis.

  • Bajaj Auto Ltd. registered 4,02,021 units last month
  • While compared with Sept 2020 brand garnered 4,41,306 units
  • While YTD sales April – Sept 2021 stands at 21,50,421 units

Bajaj Auto Ltd released its sales number for September 2021. Last month’s overall sales stood at 4,02,021 units includes both domestic and export sales for commercial and private vehicles. As against 4,41,306 units sold in September 2020 resulting in minor 9% negative growth on a YoY basis. While the two-wheelers’ sales from Bajaj stood with 3,61,036 units as against 4,04,851 units during September 2020 getting negative sale growth by 11% on a YoY basis. While taking on the positive side only the two-wheeler Export sales saw a 1% positive sales growth. The export figure for last month stood with 1,87,091 units against 1,85,351 units during the same month last year.

Bajaj September 2021 sales
4 color options

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Bajaj Auto Ltd. September 2021September 2020%Growth
Total 4,02,0214,41,306-9
Bajaj September 2021 sales
Bajaj September 2021 sales
rear view

The Bajaj Pulsar series and Chetak EV continuously garnering positive sales for the brand month on month. On another hand, domestic sales registered 1,73,945 units for two-wheelers against 2,19,500 units in September 2020 resulting in 21% negative sales growth. While, if we take a look at the commercial three-wheelers, the overall domestic and export sale garnered 40,985 units against 36,455 units during the same month last year getting a minor growth of 12% on a YoY basis. While, if we take a look at separate domestic and export sales for commercial vehicles. The former stood with 18,403 units and the latter stands with 22,582 units. When compared on a YoY basis domestic sale of three-wheelers has a massive rise of 99%, although export drop by 17%.

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Bajaj September 2021 sales
TVS Electric Scooter iQube

Combining both two-wheeler and three-wheeler sales the overall domestic sales garnered 1,92,348 units last month as against 2,28,731 units during the same month last year. Resulting in a subtle negative sales growth of 16%. While combining the export of both the segment it registered at 2,09,673 units against 2,12,575 units on September 2020 getting a just 1% negative sale. While comparing the YTD sales for FY22 and FY21. Combining the sale of both the segment it registered 21,50,421 units for session April-September 2021 against 14,96,440 units for session April-September 2020 gets a massive 44% positive growth. The two-wheeler sales for the same session combining domestic and export gets 19,29,220 units against 13,64,394 units registering a 41% growth. While the export saw a massive growth by 75% for session comparing April-September 2020 to April-September 2021.

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