Bajaj Pulsar range prices hiked yet again a second time in just a few months of the calendar year 2021, following other brands.

  • Since the start of the year 2021, all two-wheeler manufacturer hiked their line-up prices twice
  • Bajaj pulsar 125 and Pulsar 125 Neo saw a hiked of Rs 1,747  
  • The highest hike saw by Pulsar RS 200 of Rs 5,000 and now priced at Rs 1.57 lakh ex-showroom

Since the start of the year 2021, almost every two-wheeler manufacture in the Indian market increased their line-up prices twice in just a matter of four months. The latest round of the hike carried by Royal Enfield with the increasing price of Rs 10,000 on Classic Electric bullet and RS 6,000 on meteor 350. The Minimum price hike for the round is Rs 4,000. KTM has increase prices by Rs 9,000 on its entry-level Duke 125 and RC 125 by Rs 7,700 Husqvarna motorcycles has hiked prices to Rs 18,000 on Svartpilen 250 and Rs 19,000 on Vitpilen 250, now the former priced at Rs 1.98 lakh and the latter priced at Rs 1.99 lakh ex-showroom.

Bajaj Pulsar prices Hiked
Bajaj Pulsar prices Hiked

Bajaj two-wheeler follows up in the latest round with, price hiked on its Pulsar lineup. The pulsar range consists of pulsar 125, Pulsar 125, Pulsar 180, Pulsar 220F, NS 160, and RS 200, have seen a hike yet again in calendar year 2021. The entry-level Pulsar 125 and pulsar 150 Neo saw a hike of Rs 1,747 respectively, the former now priced at Rs 73,363 and the latter priced at Rs 95,872. The pulsar 150 costs Rs 1,01,818 after the latest round of Hike. (All prices are ex-showroom).

Bajaj Pulsar prices Hiked
BS 6 pulsar NS 200

The popular 150Twin disc and pulsar 180saw a hike of Rs 1,757 and they cost Rs 1,04,819 and Rs 1,09,651 respectively. The Bajaj Pulsar 220F currently retailed at a price tag of Rs 1,28,250 and saw a hike of Rs 3,002, on the other hand, NS160 and NS 200 carry a price tag of Rs 1,11,834 and Rs 1,35,226 ex-showroom, and gone a hike of Rs 1,748 and Rs 2,004. The brand recently introduced new color paint schemes for NS 160, NS 200, and RS 200, and the pulsar range also added to a new paint job as well. Pulsar RS 200 price hiked by Rs 5,005 and now costs Rs 1.57 lakh.

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