Australia-based Graphene manufacturing group working on developing electric vehicle battery pack using Graphene.

  • Company claims that Graphene aluminium-ion battery can triple the driving range of EV
  • GMG claims that graphene aluminium-ion battery can charge up to 60 times faster than lithium-ion battery
  • CEO of GMG stated that this tech can be used in smart phones, calculators and any kind of electronic part

Australian-based Graphene manufacturing group working on developing the electric vehicle batteries using Graphene aluminum-ion. The new technology currently making prototypes for coin cells, and schedule for customer testing later this year. This new battery can be used in smartphones, watches, laptops, grid storage as well as in electric vehicles. GMG claims that compared with conventional lithium-ion battery packs, graphene batteries can provide three times more driving range. The battery cells feature aluminum atoms inserted inside tiny perforation in graphene planes using nanotechnology.  

Graphene aluminium-ion battery
Graphene aluminium-ion battery

GMG also claims that graphene aluminum-ion batteries can be charged up to 60 times faster than lithium-ion, the iPhone can be charged full just in 10 seconds, and currently holds three times the energy compared with the aluminum-based batteries available. They are safer as well, as the lack of an amper limit would prevent spontaneous combustion. Graphene aluminum-ion batteries are sustainable as well and easier to replace due to their stable base materials. Also, testing reveals that the coin cells can last three times longer than that of lithium-ion battery counterparts.

Graphene aluminium-ion battery
Graphene battery manufacturing

According to the company the new cells have far better energy compared with lithium-ion batteries without facing any heating and cooling issues. On the occasion, Dr. Ashok Nanjundan, GMG’s chief scientific officer said, “this is a real game-changer technology which can offer a real alternative to with an interchangeable battery technology for the conventional lithium-ion batteries in almost every application with GMG’s graphene battery and UQ’s patent-pending aluminum ion battery technology”.  

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