Audi has revealed their production version of the Audi E-Tron S and Audi E-Tron S Sportback electric version SUV. These cars are powerful and performance-oriented of India bound Audi E-Tron S electric vehicle SUV. Audi has already revealed its specification and features of the car with its final look revealed now.

AUDI HAS MOVED THE LARGER ELECTRIC MOTOR FROM THE REAR AXLE TO THE FRONT, and becomes the first car firm to make a three motor set-up, electric vehicle in market. With the larger motor it generates 169PS in normal mode and 204PS on sports mode, the two rear motor together generates 266PS in normal and 359PS in sports, with these modifications E-Tron S and E-Tron S Sportback goes from 0 to 100kmph in less than 5 second and can go up to 210kmph, with the smaller motor the E-Tron’s output is 313PS and 540Nm, this version has the top speed of 190kmph and goes 0 to 100kmph in 6.8seconds so with the newer version the Audi E-Tron S model gets more power.   

The three motors set up allows the S model to feature electric vectoring. In regular driving, only the rear motor in operation with the front coming into play when more power is required. Each of the rear motors transfers power to the rear wheel directly and fulfills the requirements of the differential. This allows the Quattro system to transfer power to the rear wheel with more grip in tricky situations. After further developments, Audi has added the happy drift traction control system by this, enjoys longer drift when Electronic stabilization control is switched to “sport” and auto-drive selected to the “dynamic” mode. 

The  Audi E-Tron S model possess the better aerodynamics than the standard E-Tron, despite of the sharper looks of Audi E-Tron S. The model is 50mm wider than the standard E-Tron, with wider wheel extension of 25mm.

The Audi E-Tron S and Audi E-Tron S Sportback will go on sale in Europe around October 2020. Price segment starting from EUR93000for E-Tron S and EUR96050 for E-Tron S Sportback. The price for Indian variant will be around Rs1.5 crore plus taxes.