While the likes of Ola electric Okinawa pure electric vehicle and others are ruling the headlines become of various reasons, the other hand, Bangalore-based start-up Ather is working under the radar to become one of the largest electric scooter manufacturers in the Indian market. Ather recently introduce a new advertisement that shows that their scooter 450X can store documents like their driving license registration certificates and many other certificates in its storage and can be shown in a digital form on the infotainment display.

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Ather 450X can now store your driving license and other documents
Ather 450X can now store your driving license and other documents

The Ather 450X comes with a massive 7-inch display that shows various information and details which are range navigation left battery percentage and many more. The new tic shoot of after 450X shows how it can store digital documents like driving license and registration papers on its infotainment.

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The TVC shows how the Ather rider shows their driving license and carries on with his riding. The same infotainment screen is used for various things like OTA updates and smartphone connectivity. In India, authorities have allowed storing of important documents digitally. These can be verified by police using scanners and smartphone applications.

Just a few months ago the government launched a new app that allowed motorists to download a digital copy of their documents including registration certificates and driving licenses other important papers. This move allowed motorists to move around without these documents as they can download them on their smartphones.

Ather 450X can now store your driving license and other documents

With the new move, there is no need to download documents as the cops will be able to verify them with their system with the help of new software. The only physical document that motorists will need to carry will be a pollution certificate. There is no clarity if motors need to carry it or if it will be linked to the registration number of the vehicle automatically when you renew it.

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The police officers will not ask for documents from now on if they need to issue a challan. It will be issued electronically on non-payment of the challan the owner will not be allowed to sell the vehicle or renew the driving license. The ministry of road transport and highway made various amendments to the central motor vehicle rules in 1989 to introduce these new laws.