Hyundai motors first released a statement stating that they are in a talk with a tech giant about the collab for apple first-ever electric car. Although later they backed off. Apple Inc. recently announced that they will be launching their first-ever futuristic pure-electric vehicle in 2024. Now, Hyundai motors are in talked with Cupertino based multinational company about building an electric car, which could actually be apple’s First car. While later after few days the Korean brand backed off, the news caused Hyundai’s share to rocket 20 percent overnight.

Apple electric car rendered -Autoshifts
Apple electric car rendered

In the statement sent to a financial time, Hyundai said that “ Apple and Hyundai are in discussion, as it is an early stage nothing has been decided yet.” The company’s valuation rockets up by $9 billion after the announcement but later the company backed away from the statement of talks with Apple. Although Altering their previous statement, Hyundai said they are in contact with potential partners for developing autonomous pure electric vehicles, eradicating any locus of apple of any kind whatsoever. On the other hand, the Tech giant has not commented on the speculations yet. Although the development work still in its early stages, launching an autonomous electric vehicle will take four to five years, and the company in no hurry for deciding its protentional partner.

Apple electric car rendered -Autoshifts
Apple electric car rendered image

Last month Apple announced that they are planning to launch their electric vehicle by early 2024. Also, recently Hyundai motors aim to lead the environmentally free electric car movement and building an EV platform that will be used for their upcoming electric vehicle. Last month Korean brand also introduced its new global electric modular platform dedicated to electric architecture. If the collaboration between Apple and Hyundai happens, then apple’s electric vehicle could be made on a new Hyundai E-GMP platform, which brings 800 KW charging capacity and offers a 500 Km range on a single charge.