India’s Apollo tyres which has wide spread their manufacturing as well as distribution of tyres all over India in luxury as well as in non-luxury vehicles segment has starting their high-performance tyre brand Vredestein manufacturing in India as per reports the manufacturing of tyre will be starting in next three months. Apollo has five manufacturing facilities in India and two overseas in Hungary and Netherlands.

Apollo had acquired “vredestein” the oldest tyre manufacturing brand in the world on 2009, and has a range of car radials from premium and performance in luxury end of the market. As per reports the vredestein tyre brand will be launched in next three months and the manufacturing will also take place in India. While Apollo had introduced vredestein brand in India on 2013 but only as in full imports. Now as per the India ministries of commerce and industry has put radials in “restricted” category for imports, so the tyre marker has decided to launch vredestein brand manufacturing in India. In an interview Neeraj kanwar MD and vice chairman of Apollo stated that “We are working towards locally manufacturing Vredestein-branded tyres in India so that we are able to offer Apollo as well as made-in-India Vredestein tyres for the higher segment, primarily targeting customers of Mercedes-Benz, Audi and BMW”

Apollo might also think of exports these Indian manufacturing vredestein brand tyres in foreign premium segments market to benefits from economics of sale. Overseas countries like Thailand, south Africa, as well in Dubai. Neeraj kanwar stated that with these vredestein export they will also introduce Apollo high end radials tyres in these countries market.

Vredestein tyres will be launched in next three months in India, the radial ranges available in India in sizes from R16 to R20. The company is also hostilely marketing their Apollo high end radials through various scheme providing to their retail partners.