With the increasing popularity of the SUV segment car manufacturers have been coming up with many new segments like the recently trending 6-/7-seater SUVs, which are nothing special but just the enlarged versions of their 5-seater siblings.  These cars not only have the increased seating capacity but also can be converted into their 5-seater versions but just folding the 3rd row. Currently, the cars competing in this segment are Mahindra XUV500, MG Hector Plus, Tata Safari and the recent entry Hyundai Alcazar. But who amongst them dominate this segment? Let’s find the answer to it by the sales figures of last month, so here is a brief sales comparison for the 7-seater SUV segment for August 2021.

ModelAugust 2021 salesJuly 2021 salesMoM growth
Hyundai Alcazar3,4683,00115.5%
Tata Safari1,7621,821-3.2%
MG Hector Plus533899-40.7%

The newest entry in the segment, Hyundai Alcazar became the best-selling 7-seater car of the segment with a sale of 3,468 units last month as compared to the sale of 3,001 units in July 2021, translating to an MoM growth of 15.5 per cent. Next is the Tata Safari which performed slightly lower than that of July 2021, as the car made a sale of 1,762 units last month as compared to 1,821 in July, translating to a negative 3.2 per cent sale.

MG Hector Plus also registered some very disturbing sales figures as the car registered a negative growth of 40.7 per cent with a sale of 533 units last month, against the sale of 899 units in July 2021. The lowest in the segment was the now discontinued XUV500 which made a sale of 383 units last month as compared to the sale of 891 units in July 2021, translating to a massive sales decline of 57%.

To spice up the competition, Mahindra will be launching its new 5-/7-seater Mahindra XUV700 which if looked at on paper will be a sure shot hit if the pricing of the 7-seater is kept as aggressive as its 5-seater variant.

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