Going on a long trip is super fun for anyone who can ride a car but have you ever thought about what would you do if you get a busted tire in the middle of nowhere or if someone got hurt or burn in your car? today’s article is about what to carry in your car as a necessary tool wherever you go. Here is the list of 5 Essential tools to always carry in your car.

  1. First aid Box
Essential tools to always carry in your car
Essential tools for your car

Usually, a first aid box is supplied with your car but most people keep it away and forget about it while talking things out while servicing or most people don’t even update their kits and carry the same 7–8-year-old things with them. While this kit should be kept updated according to the medicines the travellers would require.

  1. Hammer
Essential tools for your car
Life Hammer

We hope nobody comes in a need to use it but in some dire situation where you can’t get out of your car or the seatbelt gets stuck in an emergency situation, this hammer will be your only hope as both these things cant be broken with any simple objects.

  1. Tow Strap
Essential tools for your car
Tow Strap

This tool you might be very familiar with, the Tow Strap is a lifesaver if somewhere your car breaks down and you can’t find any mechanic nearby, then these magical straps can help you get your car towed by anyone nearby or you can ask any car to help tow your car to any nearby mechanic.

  1. Tyre inflators

Do you remember when was the last time you checked the pressure of your spare tyre? probably not, because nobody usually has the time to get that tyre in your trunk to get the pressure checked. Imagine somewhere you get your tire puncher and when you go to get your spare tyre and that too is a bit iffy. Then comes the use of this tool which not only can check your tire pressure but can also inflate it.

  1. Duct tape and a pair of scissors

Lastly, the universally useful item the duct tape which is a must in every car, these tools will not save you from life-threatening accidents but there are infinite uses of these two things.

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