In India most part of the year is of summer and humid times, while out of 12 months a year only 4 months are of proper winter and cold season. As summers are ON and so as the heat outside, and the average temperature in India of the summer season is ranges between 35 degrees to 50 degrees. The only thing riding the car is pleasurable during this time is Air conditioner. But as the whole vehicle needs time to time maintenance and service, your Vehicle AC also needs a proper service of its components. Although, despite all the efforts things can go south of anyways. So, before you start to think south, here are the 4 most important signs of a deteriorating AC compressor: –

  1. Weird Noises  

First thing first the most common failing AC is the weird noises coming from within the compressor. These noises are not high pitched but get sequence when you turn up the AC. Since the overall vehicle engine is made up of many components the AC compressor is also made of many things such as ball bearings and coils. If any of the parts start to break, malfunctions, or other components start to make weird noises, that will go on and on until the AC units are repaired and replaced.

4 most important signs of AC compressor deteroting
4 most important signs of AC compressor deteroting
  • Unnaturally high temperature hot air

Having an AC break and fails, something that nobody likes. No matter the time of the season, malfunction AC is always a bad thing to happen to the vehicle. The AC is failing when the air coming out is not as cold as it uses to be, it will be a little hot.

4 most important signs of AC compressor deteroting
4 signs of AC deteriorating
  • Fluid leakage

Another potential malfunction in the AC compressor could be due to leakage of fluid from the compressor. As noted, there are bearings and coils which stick the fluid within the compressor. Although, worn-out broken bearing led to a leakage, which could be the compressor’s ultimate failure.

4 most important signs of AC compressor deteroting
  • Stuck AC compressor clutch

For better and efficient working of an AC compressor, the component needs proper power. That is why the AC compressor is comprised of a clutch connected to an engine pulley, which further allows the compressor to use the engine power when it needs it, mainly at the time of switching normal fan air to AC. While the broken clutch couldn’t have the optimum power as it needed and engines to flow down hot air. That is why it is highly advised that you should replace or repair your compressor clutch if any fault detected in it.  

4 most important signs of AC compressor deteroting

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