Here we bring you the 6×6 concept digital version of 2022 Mahindra Thar designed by Bimble Design.

Mahindra Thar second generation was launched back in November 2020. Since its launch, it has been among the top seller for the brand and has continued to have the highest waiting period. While, it is also very favorable amongst the real-life modifiers as well, but has limits as well in real life.

While this particular version is a digital design by Bimble Designs. With digital modifications, one is only limited to its imaginations and creativity. Here, we have a Bimble Design of Mahindra thar sodded with 6 tires along with the wide-open roof and extensive chassis as well.

2022 Mahindra Thar 6x6

Starting from the front it has blacked-out face LED headlamps and LED foglamps. At the sides, it has a rear-wheel arch with two wheels. These wheels are all custom and all blacked deep-dish units shod its massive tires. Although, the passenger cabin is completely removed to turn it into a loading bed with a spear wheel mounted with a Dakar style.

The Ground clearance has been improved as well with a lifted suspension system. The interesting thing is the exhaust pipe has been sideways with one pipe out on each side. A rear windscreen is also added just behind the first-row seats, along with at the front some custom auxiliary lights are also added.

2022 Mahindra Thar 6x6
2022 Mahindra Thar 6×6

The 6×6 badging is on the rear wheel arches which indicates It has 6 tires and a proper off-roading beast just like the Mercedes AMG G63 6×6. Although, the Mercedes G63 comes powered by a 5.5 V6 twin-turbo engine. On the other hand, Mahindra thar comes powered with a smaller engine – 2.0 Liter mstallion and 2.2 mHawk engine.

A larger and more powerful engine would be required for the Thar to get the proper power distribution. Although, we aren’t sure someone would do that to their Thar.

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