Toyota Land Cruiser is a well-known car all around the globe and enjoys major popularity in southeastern countries. Recently the Land Cruiser has been updated with a 2022 model and will go on sale shortly and with it a new clause has been added in the agreement for the buyer that bans them from reselling their 2022 Land Cruiser before 12 months.

According to the reports, the buyers are made to sign a document that makes you agree with a clause that you will not sell your new Land Cruiser until the end of 12 months of delivery and if the buyer breaks this clause, then he or she won’t be allowed to buy any other Toyota car for an unspecified period of a time.

The reason behind this decision is in numbers with the first being to avoid the buyers to act as a third party and sell their 2022 Land Cruiser and make profit out of it considering the popularity of the car, the carmakers also want the Land Cruiser to be delivered to those first who really want this car for themselves and to do so Toyota has put a limit of 1 unit over each buyer.

Other than this, Toyota is also concern that the 2022 Land Cruiser could go into the wrong hands of some terrorist groups which in the past has happened quite a few times with older versions and also with the Hilux pickup truck. So, to avoid such happening the company ban the buyers to export or resale the vehicle.

The 2022 Land Cruiser won’t be making its appearance in the US markets because of poor sales the car has garnered and the same can be said for India as well where the car isn’t even available.

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