The 5 door Suzuki Jimny gets a new turbo kit additional two doors a new suspension system and a host of other modifications.

Wild the speculations of launching 5 doors Suzuki Jimny is in the market for quite some time now and we previously said that the students from Nihon automotive college decided to do something about it and abroad their version of Jimny with 5 doors.

In the 2022 Tokyo auto saloon, we have seen several off-roader-based editions of Jimny. While the Jimny is the proper off-roader SUV but the concept shows her defines what the tiny roader SUV can do in real life as well. This five-door Suzuki Jimny is based on a three-door 2019 model with some additional two doors uplifted suspension system and host off other modes as well.

5 door Suzuki Jimny debuts

The overall length of the Jimny has been altered as well and now its length is extended by a massive 400 mm. To fill up the voids the SUV has been cut in half and aftermarket panels were attached with prominent quarter glass. The rear door looks very small compared to the stock unit at the front. Although the longer wheelbase gives a breathable and spacious cabin for the rare occupants as well.

While the boot space did not increase and got even shorter similar to the three-door version of Jimny. This particular Jimny is modified with a 6-inch body lift, a new suspension system, and a set of new 17-inch bad blacked rhino Roy wheels with fat Toyo open country all-terrain tires. The exterior also comprises of light bar tubular protective frame bolt-on flat fenders and so on.

5 door Suzuki Jimny debuts

As per the performance, the stock version of Suzuki Jimny comes powered with a 1.5-liter four-cylinder petrol engine. While the stock version is coupled with turbo kit along with tuned ECU blow of value, now the powertrain is capable of generating 122 HP and 179 Nm compared to the stock version 21 HP and 49 Nm more. Although this prototype won’t be available for private customers.

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