Bajaj two-wheeler maker has recently launched their new Pulsar 180, which is the naked version of the Pulsar 180F, it uses the same mechanical specifications as Pulsar 180F. The said bike rivals the likes of Honda Hornet 2.0, and TVS Apache RTR 180. Below, is its detailed specification comparison between the 180cc Pulsar and apache, take a look – Pulsar180 vs Apache180: –


In terms of Size TVS apache RTR 180 measures 2085 mm in length, 730 mm in width, 1105 mm in height and a 1300 mm long wheelbase. On the other hand, Pulsar 180 measures, 2035 mm in length, 765 mm in width, 1115 mm tall, along with a 1345 mm long wheelbase.

ProductPulsar 180Apache RTR 180
Length2035 mm2085 mm
Width765 mm730 mm
Height1115 mm1105 mm
Wheelbase1345 mm1300 mm
Dimensions comparison

This shows that TVS apache RTR 180 is 50 mm longer than Bajaj Pulsar 180, while Pulsar 180 is 35 mm wide, 10 mm tall, and has a 45 mm longer wheelbase compared with TVS Apache RTR 180.

  • Drivetrain

 TVS apache RTR 180 powered with a, 177.4 air-cooled single cylinder that generates 16.79 PS of maximum power at 8500 rpm, and 15.5 Nm of peak torque at 7000 rpm. Transmission done by 5-speed gearbox system.

ModelBajaj Pulsar 180TVS apache RTR 180
Engine178.6 cc177.4 cc
Power17.02 PS16.79 PS
Torque14.52 Nm15.5 Nm
Powertrain comparison

On the other hand, Bajaj Pulsar 180 uses the 178.6 ccs single-cylinder air-cooled 4-stroke that rated as 17.02 PS of maximum power at 8500 rpm, and 14.52 Nm of peak torque at 6500 rpm. Just like apache180, pulsar180 also uses the same 5-speed transmission gearbox.

Pulsar180 vs Apache180
TVS Apache RTR 180 looks bold and stylish
  • Hardware

The TVS apache180 uses a telescopic fork suspension at the front and a monotube gas-filled shock absorber at the rear with spring aid. The Bike gets a 49P tire at the front along with a 270 mm petal disc, and a 57P section tire at back with a 200 mm petal disc at the rear, both offered with tubeless tires.

On the other hand, Bajaj Pulsar180, rides on an R17 at front and R17 at rear tubeless tires, along with a 280 mm disc at the front and 230 mm disc at the rear section tire.

Pulsar180 vs Apache180

  • Features

TVS apache180 equipped with advanced features like LED DRLs, LED taillamp, LED headlamps, racing seat, tank scoops, split grab rails, single-channel ABS, and a semi-digital instrument cluster.

Bajaj Pulsar180 equipped with, LED tail lamps, sport split seats, split grab handles, color alloy wheels, and a single-channel ABS.

Pulsar180 vs Apache180
Side view no much has change
  • Price

TVS retail apache180 at Rs 1,08,270 lakh and, Bajaj offered newly launched pulsar180 with a starting price of Rs 1,07,904, which means that pulsar180 slight undercut apache180 by Rs 366.

  • Verdict

Both 180cc bikes compared to be same in almost every aspect, while Bajaj Pulsar180 has bigger dimensions than Apache180, although later offered more torque compared with the former one. Which goes up to how evenly matched these two bikes are on paper.   

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