2020 Mahindra Thar modified with an aftermarket White color mod job, and it is done in Ludhiana Punjab at Sikand car world.

  • 2020 Mahindra Thar modified with white colour at exterior and red shade at interior paint job
  • This particular customization done by Sikand car world based in Ludhiana Punjab
  • No mechanical changes have been recorded to SUV

Mahindra and Mahindra the UV Specialist of India launched much-awaited second-generation Thar last year. Since the launch thar has been popular in the Indian market, and that can be seen in terms of sale volume. Currently, Mahindra Thar has the highest waiting period of up to 11 months on almost every variant offered. While Thar’s been very popular in car enthusiasts. Since its launch, we have seen many modified that’s on Indian roads, and today we bring you yet another modified Thar named Snow White.

2020 Mahindra Thar modified with White color
Red shade interior with silver finish center console

The name snow white is been given to SUV because of the aftermarket exterior white color paint job. This particular mod job is tuned at Ludhiana Punjab-based Sikand car world. Although, they haven’t revealed how do they do it if the vehicle is painted again or has been draped in a vinyl wrap? Other than paint job the SUV features an aftermarket radiator grille and front bumper. The white paint job has been done all over the exterior of UV including on aftermarket and Stock units. This particular thar also features a newly designed alloy wheel.

2020 Mahindra Thar modified with White color
Thar modified with White color

Around the rear profile, the mounted spare wheel gets a cover that looks like a Mercedes Benz G-Wagon. While, the cabin gets an aftermarket infotainment unit, along with high light red shade color over the seats and roof. The Silver finish can be seen in the center console and over the instrument cluster outer head. In addition, an aftermarket sunroof on a hardtop. Although, no mechanical changes have been recorded from the Sikand car world. SUV continues to be powered by a 2.2 Litre turbo diesel and 2.0 Litre petrol engine. The Thar comes as 4×4 as standard along with locking gear differential.   

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