As the production of the Magnite gets beefed up since the start of this year, the car has been getting delivered in large chunks, one such case is from a Bengaluru dealership which got everyone’s attention because of 100 Nissan Magnite delivered by the dealership in a single day.

Earlier a similar news emerged with a Nissan dealership delivering 36 units of the Nissan Magnite in a single day which took place in Andhra Pradesh. And now this new of 100 Nissan Magnite being delivered in single day by Surya Nissan in Bengaluru. This event was organized by the dealership, who cumulated all the delivery that they were supposed to do on a single day along with the owners of the cars. These cars we arranged into a giant circle with every car decorated with ribbons and balloons. The dealership also organized a drive through the city to get the attention of the city and to boost their curiosity and sale of the car.

100 Nissan Magnite delivered

About the new waiting period of the new Magnite

The car has been receiving a great response from the Indian audience owing to its attractive price and top of the line features. As of now some variants of the Magnite have a waiting period of about 8 months.

VariantsWaiting period in weeks
Nissan Magnite XE+33
Nissan Magnite XL+25
Nissan Magnite XV18-20
Nissan Magnite XV premium8-10
Manual Transmission 
Nissan Magnite Turbo XL16-18
Nissan Magnite Turbo XV24-26
Nissan Magnite Turbo XV premium22-24
Nissan Magnite Turbo XV premium(O)+29
CVT Transmission 
Nissan Magnite Turbo XL8-10
Nissan Magnite Turbo XV18-20
Nissan Magnite Turbo XV premium18-20
Nissan Magnite Turbo XV premium(O)20-22

To recover from this huge waiting period challenge the company has laid an extra shift in the production line which now boosts the production from 3500 units a month to 4500 a month. Company has also set up many experience centers and also arranged test drive at most of its dealerships so that the potential buyers can take a first hand feel of the car.

The car boasts a 4-star rating in the ASEAN NCAP crash test proving the car is worth every penny. And to boost the feature aspect of the car various tech packs are also included with the car. After 1st January the initial launch price has been removed from the car so now the car ranges between Rs 5.5 lakh to 9.6 lakh (Delhi Ex-showroom).

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