The Financial Year 2020 – 2021 ended on a good note for most of the companies, the start of the year might be considered a challenge for the automobile sector, but all went well towards the end of year. And the month of March gave the companies a well and good ending treats with many companies finishing at a 3-digit YoY sale growth percentage. But to compare the list of real gems of the month we have a list of 10 most sold cars of March 2021.

10 most sold cars March 2021
10 Most sold cars March 2021

Domination this list with 7 entries we have the king of Indian car market, Maruti Suzuki India Ltd, following behind It is the second biggest car manufacturer in Indian market, The Hyundai motors with rest of the 3 entries, other than that no company usually make it big on this list. At the number 1 spot we have the all loving hatchback Maruti Swift selling a total of 21,714 units over last month compared to 8,575 unit sale made in March 2020, translating to a YoY growth of 153%, next in the line we have the Maruti Suzuki Baleno selling a total of 21,217 units compared to last years sale of 11,406 for March 2020 with a YoY growth of 86%.

List of 10 Most sold Cars March 2021

CarsSales March 2021Sales March 2020YoY growth %
1. Swift21,7148,575153%
2. Baleno21,21711,40686%
3. Wagon R18,7579,151105%
4. Alto 17,40110,82961%
5. Creta12,6406,70688%
6. Eeco11,5475,96694%
7. Dzire11,4345,476109%
8. Vitara Brezza11,2745,513104%
9. Grand i1011,0204,293157%
10. Venue10,7226,12775%

At the number 3 spot we have the all favourite Maruti Suzuki Wagon R, which sold a total of 18,757 units compared to 9,151 units sale for March 2020, which recorded to a YoY growth of 105%, for the number 4 position we again have a Maruti Suzuki car Alto which sold a total of 17,401 units and recorded a YoY sales growth of 61%, the at the number 5th spot we have the only Hyundai entry in Top 5, and also this car stands as the number 1 sold SUV for last month and sold a total of 12,640 units compared to last year sales of 6,706 units that translated to a YoY growth of 88%.  For rest of the list rear the table below.

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