Conventionally owning your first car with your own money is a big achievement in someone’s ordinary life. The first car and bike are always special as a reminder of how far you have come from the start to now. Celebrities are quite humble about their first car at the beginning. Importantly there are not many of pictures their first cars. John Abraham shared that their first car was a Tata Sierra whereas Shah rukh khan claimed that his first car was Maruti Suzuki Omni. Although, we have put together 10 celebrities and their famous first car: –

  • Sachin Tendulkar (Maruti Suzuki 800)
10 famous celebrities first car

The god of cricket in India had a humble beginning as most of the Indian cricketers now. His first car was claimed to be Maruti Suzuki 800 and still has it in its garage. Furthermore, he buys Maruti 1000 very popular as Maruti 800, while later named as Maruti esteem. Currently, Sachin Tendulkar has many luxuries as well as sports cars ranging from Mercedes, BMW to Ferrari. And interestingly Sachin is also a brand ambassador of BMW India.

  • Imtiaz Ali (Maruti 800)
10 famous celebrities first car

The famous filmmaker Imtiaz ale has claimed his first car to be Maruti 800. He has made an iconic film like Jab we met and many more as well. In the recent past, Imtiaz ale shared a picture with his Maruti 800, sitting in his car. The 800 was forward wheel drive and still the most famous Indian car of India, as most of the families have it as its first car.

  • Kajol (Maruti 1000)
10 famous celebrities first car

Kajol was a very popular actress in her time in the past with films like DDLJ, Darr, Ishq, and so on. Kajol posted a picture with her Maruti 1000 claimed to be her first car and first love of Kajol. During that time Maruti 1000 was the second car launched by the brand and the status symbol of many families.

  • Sara Ali Khan (Honda CR-V)
10 famous celebrities first car

Sara Ali khan the famous star kid of Saif Ali Khan has had many successful movies in recent times. She owns two cars currently, a Jeep compass and a Humble Honda CR-V. Mostly she has been spotted in CR-V. The White color CR-V is to go vehicle for her and is spotted with CR-V almost everywhere.

  • Deepika Padukone (Audi Q7)
10 famous celebrities first car

Deepika Padukone owns a very wide range of luxury cars in her garage including Mercedes Maybach S650 and Audi A8L. However, her first claimed car was an SUV Audi Q7. The Q7 was the only SUV for Deepika for the longest time and upgrade to Maybach S650.

  • Alia Bhatt (Audi Q7)

Continuing the trend, even Alia Bhat had brought Audi Q7 as her first car. She uploaded an image of it when she buys it back a few years ago. The Q7 was her go-to car for a long time before she buys Range Rover Velar, while the latest added SUV in her garage is Range Rover Autobiography.

  • Kangana Ranaut (BMW 7-Series)

Kangana is a very cortically acclaimed actress currently in Bollywood and knows for her acting skills and political speeches. Her first car was a sedan BMW 7 series. The BMW 7 series was extensively used for a daily commute and seen with the sedan in many events and parties.

  • Priyanka Chopra (Mercedes Benz S-class)
10 famous celebrities first car

The desi girl of Bollywood Priyanka Chopra was having her first car Mercedes Benz S-class. The desi girl has brought Rolls Royce Ghost in her recent time. Post her marriage with Nick Jones Priyanka Chopra has moved to the USA. She used it for her daily commute and attended her with the white sedan in many parties and events.

  • Katrina Kaif (Audi Q7)
10 celebrities first car

The beautiful Katrina Kaif has a humble choice in her car collection. Katrina has claimed to have been her first car was Audi Q7 and now she owns an array of luxury cars in her garage. While she still uses her first car Audi Q7 at many parties and events and meetings.

  • Shradha Kapoor (Mercedes Benz ML-class)
10 celebrities first car

Shradha Kapoor’s first car was a very unique choice as she buys a Mercedes Benz ML-class back in the year. She used it very often. She still uses that car now and reportedly owns the same car till now.   

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