As the talks of import duty of the world’s largest EV making company and India are heating up, people are starting to find the reasons behind such high import duty taxes in India. We might not know the proper answer of whether these high import duties are benefiting us or benefit someone else but what we know is, what are the places where you can buy the best-selling Tesla Model S at the cheapest price possible.

According to an analysis done by in over 30 countries, the average price of the Tesla Model S turned out to be $ 108,196 (over ₹ 80 lakh) while the 10th cheapest place to buy the car turns out a bit lower than that and is priced at $ 105,691 in Switzerland.

The car is most expensive in Israel where it is priced at $147,689 which is far more than the average the reason being the import charges for the car as the Model S is only available there as a CBU which increases the cost much higher.

The Cheapest place to buy the Tesla Model S in the United States where the car was priced at $79,990 however after the recent changes to the car is now priced at $89,990. The reason for the prices to be such low in the US is that the company organically is a US-based company and has its biggest plant situated here and the various benefits the company gets for being nature friendly.

  1. United States $79,990 (currently $89,990)
  2. Estonia $90,665
  3. Canada $93,553
  4. Japan $97,512
  5. Norway $97,544
  6. Mexico $99,879
  7. South Korea $101,624
  8. Germany $103,954
  9. Poland $104,656
  10. Luxembourg $105,149
  11. Switzerland $105,691

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